What is photon hair removal technology

For a long time, too much hair on the body surface has caused common problems to many women (including some men). Especially in summer, the exuberant armpit hair, leg hair and upper limb hair make young and beautiful girls dare not wear shorts, skirts, vests and suspenders, and dare not stretch their waist and upper limbs comfortably in public, Hirsutism even directly affects love and marriage and other emotional life. How to get rid of this excess hair has become a difficult question for these young men and women!

At present, depilation technology mainly includes physical depilation, chemical depilation and photon depilation. Either way, accidents can happen. For example, physical hair removal is easy to scratch the skin, and chemical hair removal is easy to cause skin allergy and even inhibit sweat gland secretion due to the quality of hair removal agent and improper matching with individual skin. Photon hair removal, with its advanced safety and remarkable curative effect, has gradually become the new favorite and first choice of hair removal.

The photon hair removal instrument emits special strong pulsed light and directly passes through the skin to the root of the hair follicle. By using the absorption of this special light by the melanocytes in the hair follicle, the hair follicle can be heated instantly, and the hair follicle can be selectively destroyed without damaging the surrounding cell tissue, so as to remove excess hair.

The effect of photon hair removal is mainly affected by hair texture, skin color, position and other factors. As for the overall effect, the person with thick and black hair is better than the person with thin and light hair; Those with white skin color > those with dark skin color; Axillary > upper and lower limbs > bikini > lip. In the treatment, professional doctors adjust appropriate parameters and energy according to individual hair density and sensitivity to light. Generally, after 3-5 times of treatment, 97% of patients can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal (no recurrence in 6-10 years), without pain, side effects, safety and quickness.

Photon hair removal is only effective for the hair in the growth period, so each treatment only destroys part of the hair follicle. It should be carried out again after the hair in the rest period and degenerative period turns into the growth period, and the interval between each treatment should be about 1-2 months. Therefore, spring is the best season for hair removal. Generally, after one treatment, the hair problem can be relieved by 30%, and more than 50% can be relieved by two treatments. Bury the problem of hairiness in spring. When summer comes, young boys and girls can freely enjoy the hot summer style of “flying with suspenders and skirts, and dancing with vests and shorts”. There is no need to worry about the embarrassment caused by the excess hair!