What are the ways for women to remove hair?

  Nowadays, hair removal has become a very common phenomenon in society. As hair removal becomes more and more popular, various methods of hair removal are emerging in an endless stream. Then, among the many hair removal methods, which hair removal methods are suitable for women?

  When hair removal is a normal part of your daily beauty, you can use several methods on different parts of your face and body. You can even consider using a permanent removal method, so you can do less things in the morning. You have many choices, so you can try different methods to make your skin smooth.

  Method one, tweezers

  How it works: You use tweezers to pull out hairs from the roots.

  is best for: small areas of the face

  Duration: 3-8 weeks

  Tips: Clean the tweezers with alcohol before and after each use to reduce the chance of infection.

  Possible side effects: If the hair falls off, it may re-grow under the skin, causing the hair to grow inward.

  Method two, shaving

  Working principle: Use a razor or electric shaver to cut the hair very close to the skin. “There is a popular myth that shaving makes the hair grow thicker again,” said David Pariser, a dermatologist, MD. “But this is not the case. Unshaved hair has a tapered and soft tip. When you shave it, you shave the soft tip, so it feels rougher.”

  Tip: If you use a disposable razor or blade, moisten your skin and use soap or shaving cream. Shave in the direction of hair growth. Change your razor often-you can cut yourself with a dull razor.

  is best: it can be used anywhere.

  Duration: 1-3 days

  Possible side effects: Ingrown hair, especially in the bikini area

  Method Three: Waxing

  How it works: The beautician applies the sticky wax to your skin and then covers it with a cloth strip. When the wax dries, the strip will be pulled down quickly, taking away the hair at the same time. Certain types of wax can be pulled off without a cloth strip.

  is best for: any part of the body, including the face, underarms, legs and bikini area

  Duration: 3-6 weeks

  Possible side effects: redness and lumps. You may also get an infection around the hair follicles. The more waxing cycles, the less likely it is to be infected.

  Tip: The hair must be at least 1/4 inch long for the wax to catch it. So let your hair grow for a few weeks before waxing.

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