What are the advantages of color light depilation?

Color light depilation can be used in the design of various hair intense pulsed light technology, which can provide you with ideal treatment for different colors, structures and different body parts of your hair. As long as any type of hair containing pigment (black, brown, red or even light yellow) can be effectively treated;

Color light is safe for skin. Intense pulsed light technology is the first photon hair removal technology certified by FDA to safely and effectively remove all kinds of skin excess hair in the world;

Color light depilation has few side effects, and side effects are very rare. Slight redness or local edema may occur at the treatment site, but such reactions usually disappear within a few hours. Minimizing sunlight exposure before and after each treatment will reduce the probability of side effects;

After treatment, you can quickly resume your daily work and life;

The hair removal speed is fast and the effect is accurate.