The best period of conductor laser permanent hair removal

General consumers always wear skirts in May and June before they think of going to the hospital for permanent hair removal. In fact, this approach is not wise. Because after permanent hair removal. Although there is no redness and swelling of the skin, we should pay attention to prevent hot water washing and sunlight exposure in the next few days after depilation. If you make the decision of permanent hair removal in summer, the high outdoor temperature and high-intensity ultraviolet light will make your skin sweat a lot and affect the normal recovery of your skin. The best season for depilation is from October of that year to April of the next year. There is no need to deliberately protect your depilated skin from sunscreen, which will not affect the beauty of your skin in summer.

The best time for hair removal treatment is in early spring. In summer, you will no longer worry about excess hair. In addition, after three to four months of light laser hair removal treatment. After each laser hair removal treatment, there will be slight redness and swelling around the skin pores. It is required not to wash with water on the day of treatment, and pay attention to sunscreen after operation. Early spring treatment can easily avoid washing, sun and other problems.