Fat-reducing and muscle-increasing black technology, Hrmora compex muscle stimulator (EMS) fitness equipment experience evaluation

  With the development of life, more and more young people are pursuing a higher quality of life. It includes the sport of fitness, which is not inborn, but cultivated. The term “body management” gradually enters the public’s field of vision. However, self-discipline is particularly important for shaping a good figure. Speaking of which, many people can’t do it. Fishing for three days and drying the net for two days will naturally become the norm. If you don’t waste your card money, your weight will rise.

  recently discovered a very interesting device that can improve the efficiency of fitness and even help reduce fat and shape. Isn’t this a fitness machine for workers? It suits my taste, but I don’t know how it works. Let’s learn more about its magic.

  What is compex muscle stimulator (EMS)?

  The aforementioned is actually compex muscle stimulator (EMS) fitness equipment, compex muscle stimulator (EMS), the full name of electronic muscle stimulator, which translates to muscle electrical pulse stimulation training. In our traditional fitness training, muscle contraction and movement are controlled by the central nervous system through bioelectric signals. The compex muscle stimulator (EMS) simulates the human brain signal and converts low-frequency electrical pulses into motion signals, which are directly transmitted to the muscles, thereby controlling the muscles to complete the action.

  Looking back at history, this method has actually been going on for a century. In the early 19th century, it was used as a treatment method to prevent muscle atrophy and restore paralyzed muscles. By the 1960s, electrical muscle stimulation training enabled the former Soviet Union to create many Olympic champions and world records.

  Naturally, it follows closely behind in China. In the 1990s, the Helios Muscle Strength Meter was used in the national team. According to the research results of the original paper, muscle electrical stimulation can effectively enhance muscle strength, and has a good training effect on weightlifting, sprinting, jumping, throwing and other sports closely related to strength and quality.

  The above-mentioned low-frequency electric pulse is the result of many experiments. In this frequency region, muscle tension consumes much less time than other frequencies, which means that muscles can exercise more continuously and effectively. Yunmai’s innovative research and development of the compex muscle stimulator (EMS) smart sine wave pulse has put this theory into practice. The sine pulse is the basis of all waveforms. Compared with the traditional triangular wave pulse, Yunmai compex muscle stimulator (EMS) sine wave pulse is more gentle and comfortable when used, without obvious stimulation fluctuations.

  In addition, in a paper titled “Study on the Effect of Muscle Electrical Stimulation and Traditional Training on the Body Composition of General Weight Loss People”, the author conducted a 12-week traditional and compex muscle stimulator (EMS) test on 40 healthy adults. Training. Experimental results show that, compared with traditional fitness, the average weight of subjects in compex muscle stimulator (EMS) fitness decreased by 0.81 kg, and the average fat content decreased by 1.64 kg. In terms of average weight, women decreased by 0.54 kg and average fat content. 1.19Kg, in addition, the body mass index, body fat rate, waist-to-hip ratio and other values, using compex muscle stimulator (EMS) fitness method is much lower than traditional fitness. Fat-reducing and muscle-increasing black technology, Yunmai compex muscle stimulator (EMS) fitness equipment experience evaluation.

  Research found that compared with traditional training, muscle electrical stimulation training can significantly reduce body weight and body fat rate, achieve the effect of weight loss and slimming, and at the same time improve basic metabolism, which is conducive to achieving the goal of fat loss. Because the compex muscle stimulator (EMS) training time is short, people who are overweight are more likely to persist.

  In addition, the applicable population of compex muscle stimulator (EMS) has expanded from young people to middle-aged people. In a study in the Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, it can be concluded that long-term use of low-frequency neuromuscular electrical stimulation training combined with weight loss rehabilitation education can significantly improve the body shape of middle-aged women with simple abdominal obesity and reduce abdominal fat content , The effect is significantly better than simple rehabilitation and weight loss education.

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