Why do acne develop after microneedling?

  Why does the microneedling machine get acne? My baby gets acne after microneedling, but why does it get acne after microneedling? Now let’s uncover the five cases of acne after microneedling, and let’s see how to solve it. Acne~

  Why do I get acne after using up the microneedle?

  The main cause of acne after rf microneedle fractional is poor microneedle composition and poor postoperative care. In fact, acne after microneedling is a kind of allergic phenomenon, mainly including four reasons. Let’s take a look at what causes acne after microneedling is done, and how to solve it.

  After microneedling is completed, the attachment of the microneedle contains acne-causing ingredients, so acne will appear.

  There are many micro needling machines at present, but the quality of microneedle matching skin care products is uneven and lack of supervision. If people who love beauty accidentally encounter acne-causing ingredients in products used to support microneedles, it is very likely that people who love beauty will have acne after finishing microneedling. Common acne-causing ingredients of microneedle accessories include paraffin mineral oil, petrolatum, beeswax, lanolin, paraben preservatives, flavors and fragrances.

  Beauty-loving babies should pay attention to identifying these ingredients when using microneedles with products. If there are products that recognize these ingredients, it is best not to use them. If there is no mark on the microneedle accessory bottle, it is not recommended to use it.

  Insensitive acne skin can use skin care products containing salicylic acid to get rid of acne. Salicylic acid is oil-soluble and can penetrate into lipid-rich pores to remove acne dirt accumulated in the pores, loosen acne plugs, and have some anti-inflammatory effects. Salicylic acid is one of the effective ingredients to control acne after microneedling.

  Fractional rf microneedle machine treatment will cause acne, because repair products contain macromolecular oils.

  After the micro skin care treatment, some repair products used by beauty lovers are too nutritious or too sticky, and some large acne will appear on the face when it is stuffed.

  Three days before microneedling, spray more refreshing growth factors and moisturizing products as much as possible. Do not use moisturizing products containing petroleum jelly, because petroleum jelly is the best sealing moisturizer, and acne-prone skin is prone to acne.

  After microneedling is completed, acne will appear because the face is not clean for a long time.

  The beauty-loving baby got a big lump after finishing the microneedle. In fact, most of this kind of acne is caused by the microneedles not being cleaned after finishing. Many people think that there are pinholes on the face after microneedling, and they dare not wash their face after the recovery period. As a result, the dead skin shed after the microneedles is mixed with oil and dust to block the pores, forming relatively large papules.

  Three days after finishing the microneedle, the face can be cleaned with sterile Shengli Saline, because the wound of the microneedle is generally a pinhole that is thinner than the needle. As long as it is not used to remove traces of stretch marks and obesity, the wound on the skin surface can heal within a week.

  After the microneedling is completed, the pimples will rupture due to the operation.

  If the acne is broken during the microneedling, the needle tip with redness, pus, blood and Propionibacterium acnes will be brought to the skin that is not infected by the bacteria, and other parts will also be infected, causing the acne to become large. The scale broke out. Therefore, in general, it is impossible to perform microneedle skin care treatment during the inflammatory period. Solutions for acne

  Because squeezing acne during microneedle surgery can cause acne explosion, the baby who loves beauty must go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. Don’t try to solve it through your own remedies, so as not to delay the treatment of acne.

  After    rf microneedling is completed, acne is caused by facial contact with microorganisms and inflammation.

  Because the proper care after microneedling is neglected, such as sleeping next to a pillow after microneedling, the beauty-loving baby may expose his face to microorganisms and mites, and may develop acne after microneedling. For example, using some acne-causing moisturizing products after microneedle skin care treatment is likely to cause skin care products to close the pores and cause acne after microneedle treatment.

  After the fractional rf microneedle machine is completed, it is recommended that everyone lie down and sleep as much as possible after the microneedle is completed. In addition, try not to use some skin care products that you usually use. It is best to use sterile medical repair products, because this can avoid acne after the microneedling is completed, and promote the recovery of skin collagen after the microneedling is completed.

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