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Principle of laser permanent hair removal

Hair is found in most positions on the surface of the human body. It is called filiform hair. The thinnest hair is 0.005mm. The hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, axillary hair, chest hair, beard, nose hair and limbs are thicker, up to 0.6mm.

Hair growth cycle

The hair on the epidermis can be divided into growth period, degenerative period and resting period, and the hair is also alive and well. Metabolic renewal continues. About 100 normal hairs fall off every day, and new hairs grow and supplement. The hair is cylindrical, with hair pulp in the center, in which there are melanocytes, which make the hair black. Hair is divided into hair stem and hair follicle. Dry hair is exposed on the surface of the skin and hair follicles are deep in the epidermis. The swollen part below is called the dermal papilla, and the central part is called the hair ball, which is the basis of hair renewal and growth.

Depilation has no effect on human body

Some people have too much and heavy body hair or women’s desire for beauty. Heavy body hair is a manifestation of strong androgen secretion. It belongs to the second sexual sign of the human body. Hair removal is required. Hair has only a decorative effect on the skin (such as hair) and has no other excessive physiological functions. Therefore, from the perspective of depilation itself, there is no adverse effect on human skin, and there is no need to have too many concerns.

Destroying the dermal papilla is the key

According to the structure of sweat hair, to have a good hair removal effect, we should not only remove the root of hair, but also destroy the dermal papilla to prevent it from growing new hair.

Laser hair removal is generally based on the principle of selective thermodynamics and the latest laser technology. The light beam emitted by the laser machine will penetrate the surface of the skin and finally be absorbed by the hair follicle. Through the selective absorption of laser energy, the hair follicle will be damaged and can not regenerate long hair without damaging the surrounding tissue. The process of laser hair removal is simple and fast. Generally, there is no scar after treatment.

And now the freezing point technology is the process of hair removal, with almost no pain and skin irritation.