CO2 Fractional Laser

Precautions for photon hair removal

Photons, also known as intense light or pulsed intense light (IPL), are a wide spectrum system. The absorption spectrum of melanin is distributed in 351 ~ 1064 nm. According to the theory of selective photothermal action, it can be well absorbed by melanin in hair follicle and hair stem, resulting in a sharp rise in temperature, resulting in the destruction of hair follicle tissue and the removal of hair.

Compared with laser hair removal, the photon hair removal system has a large light spot design, more uniform treatment, faster treatment speed, shorten the discomfort during treatment and improve the confidence of the healer. Each spot of the photon hair removal system is composed of a series of mild pulsed light. This ultra long pulse width can enable the treatment target to absorb light and heat for a longer time, so as to obtain mild treatment, greatly reduce the damage of photons to the skin and the possibility of scar and pigmentation, and improve the safety and effect of treatment.

There are three periods of hair growth: growth period, quiescent period and degenerative period. Photons can depilate the hair in the growth period, while the therapeutic effect on the hair in the degenerative and quiescent period is relatively weak, so it takes many times to achieve the purpose of radical cure.

Do not remove hair or wax hair before photon hair removal treatment, otherwise a large amount of melanin color base will be removed from the hair follicle. In order to reduce the absorption of hair, shave or cut off the hair, clean the skin, and retain about 1mm of hair, which can retain the color base in the hair follicle and reduce the absorption of photons by external hair. The damage of photon hair removal to the skin is very light and does not produce skin damage. Therefore, the skin does not need dressing and special care after treatment

After treatment, apply cold compress to the illuminated part to protect the skin. Generally, 6 ~ 8 weeks is a course of treatment, and each treatment only takes more than ten minutes, which does not affect work and study. The whole course of treatment takes about 5 times.

During treatment, pay attention to UV protection and apply sunscreen with high SPF to prevent pigmentation. Avoid spicy food. Cosmetics without alcohol and other irritant additives can be used externally.

Generally speaking, the hair in armpit, hairline, pubic hair, lower leg and other parts is thick and dark, which has a relatively satisfactory hair removal effect. The hair on lip and forearm is thin and soft, light in color, and the hair removal effect is poor, but permanent hair removal can still be achieved after repeated treatment. Therefore, intense pulse photon hair removal is an ideal hair removal method.