CO2 Fractional Laser

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation should be used in the following cases

Pelvic floor muscle strength grade 0 or above;

In order to enhance the patient’s sense of pelvic floor rehabilitation experience, even if the patient’s pelvic floor muscle has a certain muscle strength, such as grade 3 and above, neuromuscular electrical stimulation should be selected first; Patients with poor pelvic floor muscle strength, grade 2 and below, can increase the frequency and time of neuromuscular electrical stimulation according to the patient’s situation;

The patient will not actively contract the pelvic floor muscle, and the abdominal muscle and other auxiliary muscles participate too much;

Pelvic floor function screening indicates that the overall baseline is high. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation can be used to reduce the baseline, and the urgent urinary incontinence scheme can be selected for 5-10 minutes.

EMG Trigger Stim

The EMG signal caused by the patient’s active muscle contraction is transformed into feedback current to stimulate the muscle contraction again and promote the recovery of muscle function.

(1) Applicable population

Patients with stress urinary incontinence, mild muscle relaxation, severe muscle relaxation, mild pelvic organ prolapse, moderate pelvic organ prolapse, relaxation constipation and anal incontinence; People who do not show any clinical symptoms, have normal pelvic floor screening and hope to enhance pelvic floor muscle function.

(2) Characteristics

Active and passive pelvic floor muscle training.

(3) Clinical significance

Accelerate the recovery of pelvic floor function and help patients enhance the enthusiasm of active pelvic floor muscle training, which belongs to the electrical stimulation mechanism of stimulation reward.

(4) How to do EMG stimulation?


Select the appropriate scheme according to the patient’s clinical symptoms or pelvic floor screening results.

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