Does microneedle hairdressing work after all?

  Microneedle therapy has long been popular in China. Many beauty clinics and beauty salons have microneedle programs. In recent years, fractional RF Microneedle machine therapy has become popular in China. Microneedles are inexpensive online and much cheaper to do at home. So is microneedle skin care reliable, how is the effect? Are there potential risks? Can you do it often? That’s what Zhen Dong is talking about today.

  What is a microneedle

  We know that the outermost layer of the skin is the cuticle, which consists of 10 to 20 layers of dead cells without nuclei that are tightly packed together to form a barrier that prevents foreign objects from entering the skin and the internal tissues from being damaged by external stimuli. The cuticle not only protects the skin, it also prevents skin products from entering the skin to do their job.

  But how does the movie stop the all-powerful human? Therefore, microneedles were invented. Microneedles are made up of many tiny needles. The thinnest needles are said to be on the micron scale, measuring just 0.08mm, and can Pierce rows and rows of tiny holes in the cuticle, opening countless tiny channels through which a drug ingredient or skincare product can easily penetrate the cuticle and enter the skin. Microneedles were originally invented in hospitals as a way to deliver drugs directly into the skin, and were later borrowed from the beauty industry.

  Mechanism of “microneedle”

  As mentioned above, the Microneedle RF machine opens numerous small channels on the surface of the skin, allowing skin care products that are difficult to penetrate the cuticle to easily enter the interior and play a role. At this point, if targeted use of some repair, whitening, differentiation, anti-aging ingredients, these ingredients can directly reach the target position to play a role, can achieve a good whitening, anti-aging, repair effect, which is also an important reason why some consumers can feel the skin changes after the use of microne.

  In addition, the micro Needling machine can cause a small wound to the skin after it is penetrated. At this point, the tissue inside the skin picks up the signal. There’s been damage, skin tissue damage. A quick repair is required, which will stimulate the skin’s ability to heal itself, promote the formation of new skin tissue, speed up the proliferation of collagen, remove microscopic wrinkles and slow skin aging. Can also achieve the purpose of treating depression scars, such as acne marks, acne pits.

  However, microneedle therapy also has great limitations. The improvement of microneedle for skin is limited, and not all skin can achieve satisfactory results. The final effect of microneedle therapy is related to many factors, such as the professional quality of doctors, the quality of auxiliary products, the skin characteristics of patients and the nursing habits of patients in the later stage.

  Hidden dangers of “microneedles”

  The safety of microneedles is controversial in the industry. First of all, would a needle this thin and shallow Pierce the skin? Although the microneedles used in formal hospitals are mostly made of materials that are compatible with the skin (meaning there’s no harm in breaking them), some doctors have reservations. In addition, is the safety of skin care products used by microneedles guaranteed? There is no need to worry about drugs after using microneedles. All medicines are produced in a very strict and clean environment with corresponding national standards, so they can be used safely on the skin without “contamination” problems.

  The same cannot be said of cosmetics, which are orders of magnitude lower in national production standards than drugs. Because when the country designs the standard of cosmetics, it is based on the complete barrier function of skin. Now, with microneedles, you can open up so many channels in the skin that these products can go right into the skin. Without strict drug testing standards and manufacturing standards for cosmetics, the safety risks increase several times.

  What I say above is the skin care product that regular manufacturer produces. In the domestic market, there are numerous products of informal merchants on the market, especially beauty salons, which are the hardest hit areas, and these products further increase the risk.

  After microneedles, skin care is very important. If the care is not appropriate, serious sequelae can occur. If sunscreen is not done well, it can lead to pigmentation and the formation of new spots or red spots. Poor depth control of the microneedle, or inadequate disinfection, can lead to redness, blistering, inflammation, infection and severe scarring. Most of the cases of disfigurement caused by microneedles in the news are due to improper post-care or disinfection.

  Can microneedles be made at home?

  Doing microneedle projects requires very professional judgment. For example, what type of fractional RF microneedle is used? What is the penetration depth of the microneedle? How much does the area of microneedle wound have? Shall I take anaesthetic? What products do microneedles use? Follow-up skincare? How many microneedles do you need? These require very professional judgment. Rather than their own online information, watch a few videos can see clearly; Also not some beauty salon only skin basic knowledge of the beautician can judge; Even some new doctors may not do well. How dare you roll around in a bucket with a microneedle until your face is covered in blood? I don’t know where courage comes from.

  Disinfection is also a big problem. Don’t think 20-30 minutes in alcohol is disinfection. It can be disinfected for tens of minutes with ultraviolet light. Do you know the service life of ultraviolet lamp and the power of ultraviolet lamp for medical disinfection? Your hospital does not autoclave! Strict aseptic operation, many medical students just do not do well, let alone these non-medical personnel.

  Making microneedles at home is like playing with your body. Bad luck leads to infections, from fever to septicaemia, too late for regrets. Including beauty salons, where Zhen does not recommend such a program. Professional people do professional things. Although the hospital is more expensive, it will make people feel more assured and responsible for themselves. In summary, RF fractional micro needle FDA has obvious effect on some skin symptoms, which can improve the situation rapidly in the short term, but there are some safety risks. Zhen advises caution about microneedles. Want to do microne, the proposal goes to normal hospital, consult a doctor in detail, let the doctor make perfect treatment plan for you, do in normal hospital, although the price will be a few more expensive. It is not recommended to do it at home, nor to go to a beauty salon for microneedles.

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