What is microneedle hairdressing? What should be paid attention to after microneedles?

  One. What is the introduction of Microneedling Machine MTS in skin Management shop?

  Microneedle MTS beauty therapy is a very popular skin management program in the US industry. Its principle is to use super penetration technology and principle of armed (orientation, stratification and quantification), the high concentration of nutrients for the skin through micro needle of small pipes (mesoderm located between the epidermis and the dermis, mainly have the effect of effective components from the absorption to protect skin to taste) to the skin of mesoderm, so as to achieve the corresponding cosmetic effect.

  Two. The skin management project of microneedle MTS can solve six skin problems:

  1. Improve facial wrinkles and neck lines. For wrinkly obvious place, such as jade seal grain, crow’s feet, sichuan grain.

  2. Desalinate facial spots and improve acne muscles;

  3. Whitening and tender skin, improve the dullness of the face;

  4. Improve oily skin, shrink pores and increase skin elasticity;

  5. Deep moisturizing can make skin tender and shiny;

  6. Repair hormone face, let the skin gradually restore health.

  Compared with ordinary skin care products, the absorption rate of microneedle skin management program is more than 4,000 times higher, while the products launched by microneedle RF Machine adopt biological packaging technology, carrying biological active ingredients, through tiny channels to penetrate into skin cells, can be released gradually, continuously stimulate cell regeneration, keep the skin young.

  Three.The specific operation method of fractional RF microneedle

  Omit ten thousand words, do not buy your own products or equipment to operate at home. Improper operation can lead to defects. Be sure to visit a professional skin care center. The issue of face is no small matter. Don’t experiment with your own face.

  Four. What should be paid attention to after completing the microneedle?

  1. 24 hours after completion of the microneedle, do not touch the skin with water, wash and disinfect with normal saline;

  2. Be sure to use repair fluid, repair mask, chamomile gel, repair cream and other repair products to repair the skin epidermis.

  3. Do sunscreen and dustproof work, avoid ultraviolet radiation, etc.

  4. Do not operate the face with irritating substances within one week after the completion of the microneedle to avoid repeated stimulation;

  5. You’d better not eat food with dark coloring for a week.

  6.Do not wear makeup or touch your face frequently within 24 hours;

  7. Avoid alcohol, stimulating food and sauna.

  Rf fractional machine beauty two knowledge points for your reference. Microneedle skin management program has achieved remarkable results, but everyone must go to a professional skin management center, from products, instruments to professional operation are guaranteed. The current market microneedle skin management project price is uneven. In the selection, must not be cheap, while ignoring quality and characteristics.

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