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Laser lip hair removal will make the skin more delicate

Many girls and children worry about the thick hair on their lips. The appearance of lip hair makes them no longer have a soft temperament, so many women want to depilate. Laser depilation will make their skin more delicate

The lip hair is different from the hair of other parts of the body, which affects the beauty and greatly reduces the female temperament. Therefore, when many women have lip hair, they will immediately want to take it off. Laser lip hair removal will make the skin more delicate.

Laser lip hair removal will make the skin more delicate

The laser energy generated by advanced laser instruments is selective. It only plays a role in the root of hair follicle, which will rapidly increase the temperature of sweat hair root. The sweat hair root is heated and solidified, but it does not affect the secretion of sweat gland, which is not harmful to the skin. Moreover, the resulting laser energy can also stimulate the re proliferation and arrangement of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the deep layer of the skin, restore the elasticity of the skin, make the skin tight and smooth, effectively improve the skin quality and make the skin more delicate.

How many times does laser take off lip hair?

Laser lip hair removal is not an effect. Generally, it takes 3-5 times of treatment to see the ideal effect. That’s because hair growth can be divided into three stages: growth, regression and rest.

The long-term hair follicles have high melanin content and are damaged more; Degenerative and telogen hair needs to wait until it enters the growth period before treatment, so as to see the ideal hair removal effect.