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How does electrical stimulation repair the human body?

For decades, electrical stimulation, as a more and more common treatment method, has been used to restore patients’ physical functions, such as vision, hearing, movement, touch and proprioception. Electrical stimulation has the characteristics of simple operation, noninvasive and painless, and small adverse effects. It is widely used in the repair and treatment of periodontitis, stroke, skin wound healing, bone reconstruction and other diseases.

How does electrical stimulation affect the human body


Bioelectric phenomenon is the basic attribute of life activities. Moderate electrical stimulation can promote cell activity, proliferation and directional movement, so as to accelerate wound repair. The results show that electrical stimulation can promote the proliferation and transforming growth factor of skin fibroblasts β 1 increased protein expression α The deposition and remodeling of smooth muscle actin and type I collagen accelerate skin wound healing.

Pelvic floor electrical stimulation is a treatment method to stimulate pelvic floor supporting tissue and promote the repair of pelvic floor function by placing percutaneous electrodes in the vagina or iliac sacrum to produce different intensities of current.

To understand the mechanism of pelvic floor electrical stimulation


Electrical stimulation is widely used in the repair of pelvic floor function. When the inducement of pelvic floor injury persists, the damaged cells will have biochemical changes, the electrophysiological characteristics of cells will also change, and then there will be tissue biomechanical changes to promote the changes of pelvic abdominal dynamics and the pathological anatomy of pelvic organs, so as to further affect the physiological function of the body, Eventually lead to a series of clinical symptoms.

At present, most researchers believe that the principle of electrical stimulation therapy mainly through the stimulation of current to promote the recovery of relevant nerve function and muscle strength, promote local blood circulation, improve pain threshold, improve tissue nutrition and increase intestinal peristalsis.

Improve pudendal nerve function

Electrical stimulation of pudendal nerve is a special electrical stimulation therapy. Taking pudendal nerve as the target, it can adjust the synergistic effect of bladder detrusor and urethral sphincter by adjusting current frequency, intensity and pulse width, so as to improve neurogenic pelvic floor dysfunction after spinal cord injury.

Clinical studies have found that electro acupuncture can more effectively treat urgent urinary incontinence than transvaginal electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation can wake up the damaged nerve. Direct electrical stimulation at the proximal part of the damaged nerve can accelerate the regeneration of nerve axons, promote the reinnervation of early target muscle nerves and improve the conduction velocity of axons.

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