What is the role of laser dot matrix machine?

  Laser dot matrix is ​​called “skin eraser”, which can remove scars on the skin, smooth fine wrinkles on the skin, and also has the effect of skin rejuvenation and whitening.

  So today, Lemon is here to reveal some secrets about fractional lasers.

  1. What is a fractional laser?

  Fractional lasers are hair-thin lasers emitted by machines. These lasers are arranged like a matrix. When they land on the skin, they create countless tiny wounds that we cannot see with the naked eye.

  The laser penetrates directly into the skin and reaches the dermis. By destroying the skin, the principle of skin regeneration is used to rejuvenate the skin, make pores and acne marks re-grow naturally, and achieve the effect of “renewing” the skin.

  2. What problems can be improved?

  1. Remove acne pits and acne scars.

  2. Improve photoaging skin, enlarged pores, fine lines and rough skin;

  3. Assist in improving acne marks and acne hypertrophic scars;

  4. Assist in improving various superficial skin wrinkles;

  Especially for babies with acne marks and pits, fractional laser is really a very good choice.

  3. Will there be scars?

  Will not.

  Just after the fractional treatment, the skin will scab, but with its own metabolism, these scabs will gradually fall off.

  4. Does it hurt?

  Before the treatment, the doctor will give us local anesthesia, and there will be some pain during the treatment.

  Some babies describe that they feel very painful when they are stuck with hundreds of small needles on the face, while some babies report that when the fractional laser is performed, it is like countless small rubber bands are playing on their face, and the pain is very weak. So the whole thing is actually bearable~

  5. How long does the treatment take?

  This depends on the baby’s own skin condition. After the first treatment, the doctor needs to give a face-to-face consultation plan to see if a second treatment is needed. Generally, after 3 to 5 treatments, very obvious changes can be seen, and each treatment needs to be separated by 1 to 2 months.

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