muscle stimulator machine

Electrical stimulation has more than one stimulation mode

Electrical stimulation mainly includes four stimulation modes: neuromuscular electrical stimulation, myoelectric contact power generation stimulation, percutaneous neuroelectric stimulation and micro current stimulation. Today we focus on neuromuscular electrical stimulation and myoelectric contact power generation stimulation.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation

On the one hand, 30-50hz electrical stimulation can enhance the muscle strength and endurance of pelvic floor muscle, strengthen the contraction of pelvic floor muscle, promote the blood supply of pelvic floor tissue and improve pelvic floor function, which is mainly used for the treatment of relaxed pelvic floor muscle; On the other hand, 5-20hz electrical stimulation can inhibit the excitation of pelvic floor parasympathetic nerve, reduce the sensitivity of bladder detrusor, relieve excessive tension pelvic floor muscle and reduce baseline. It is mainly used for the treatment of hyperactive pelvic floor muscle.

(1) Applicable population

Patients with various pelvic floor dysfunction diseases; Patients after pelvic surgery; Obesity, chronic constipation and other people with increased abdominal pressure; Postpartum women.

(2) Characteristics

Passive pelvic floor muscle training.

(3) Clinical significance

Awaken the proprioception of damaged pelvic floor muscles, increase the control ability of pelvic floor muscles, strengthen the contraction strength and endurance of pelvic floor muscles, promote pelvic floor blood circulation, reshape pelvic floor nerves and restore the dynamic balance between neurons.

(4) How to use neuromuscular electrical stimulation?


Based on the results of clinical symptoms, physical examination, auxiliary examination and pelvic floor screening, select appropriate neuromuscular electrical stimulation schemes, such as mild muscle relaxation, urgent urinary incontinence or moderate pelvic organ prolapse.

Stimulation time

Generally 10-15 minutes.

Selection of current intensity

  1. Relaxed pelvic floor muscle

The current intensity shall be increased to the tolerance level. If the current intensity is increased to 50mA and there is still no feeling, the spontaneous contraction of the anus can be observed through the increase of the current. If there is obvious contraction around the anus, the current can be stopped, no more than 50mA.

  1. Overactive pelvic floor muscle

Increase the current until the patient feels it.

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