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Electric stimulation surgery for headache, headache etiology needs to be understood!

For people, with the growth of age or living environment and other factors, physical pain will be more and more. At the same time, it also shows that human health is declining. Among many kinds of pain, headache is the most common. As we all know, the brain is one of the most important parts of the human body. Once the symptoms of pain appear, it will bring great pain to the human body, so we must not take these diseases lightly.

Ms. Jiang had a headache from 1982 to 2019, and the pain was 37 years. When Ms. Jiang recalled her headache, she had a feeling that the past was unbearable. In these 37 years, Ms. Jiang has traveled all over hospitals and received a series of treatment, but the curative effects are very short, and finally returned to the initial state of headache. Until recently, Jiang Shi was relieved that his symptoms had been significantly improved after receiving electrical stimulation surgery. I believe most people feel the same and deeply after reading the news about Ms. Jiang. Headache is really painful and can damage the human body. Experts said that people must do a good job in head maintenance in daily life to reduce the probability of headache. At the same time, people also need to understand the causes of headache, so as to avoid these incentives, so as to fundamentally alleviate headache.

1、 Neuropsychiatric factors

In daily life, some people’s headaches are caused by neuropsychiatric factors. For example, if people encounter unpleasant things in life or work, which leads to their inner anxiety and depression, but can not be well relieved at the same time, it will stimulate the brain and eventually lead to the symptoms of headache.

2、 Sleep factors

In normal life, if people lack sleep or poor sleep quality, it will cause discomfort to people’s body. Among them, headache is the most common symptom. At the same time, people will feel dizzy or not awake. Therefore, it is suggested that people develop good work and rest habits.

3、 Disease factors

In addition to the headache itself, it can also appear as a complication. If people suffer from some diseases, such as eye diseases, ear diseases, tooth diseases, etc., they may induce headache. Therefore, in daily life, people must pay attention to health preservation, so as to reduce the risk of headache!

Headache can not be neglected. At the beginning of onset, it is recommended that people find out the cause in time and actively cooperate with doctors to avoid deterioration of the disease.

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