How many times can the co2 fractional laser repair sunken scars?

  Usually people will inevitably stumble in life, and the accidental scars will greatly affect the overall image. Generally, such scars are caused by defects in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the skin. For example, acne, trauma, infection, and surgery can all cause sunken scars. Over time, the collagen in the skin can slowly be lost, leaving a sunken scar for life.

  What is the effect of co2 fractional laser on sunken scars?

  Fractional laser repair of depressed scars mainly uses fractional lasers to generate tiny beams arranged in arrays, which act on the skin to form tiny thermal damage areas, which can more accurately shorten and control the time of thermal damage and reduce pain. Covering part of the skin tissue, the newly applied lasers do not overlap each other, and part of the normal skin can be preserved.

  Co2 fractional laser can also stimulate the skin to repair itself during the recovery period, make collagen fibers and elastic fibers proliferate and rearrange, change the structure of scar tissue, gradually soften and restore elasticity.

  This non-invasive and safe laser method for repairing concave scars not only has a short postoperative recovery time, but also does not rebound. Especially for the treatment of depressed scars, burn scars, post-traumatic hypertrophic scars, contracture scars, acne scars, and postoperative keloids, the effect is more obvious. It only takes dozens of minutes each time, which does not affect normal work, study and life. Not only that, fractional laser also has good effects on acne, wrinkle, and freckles.

  How many fractional lasers are needed to repair sunken scars?

  Although carbon dioxide fractional laser repair of depressed scars is relatively safe, it also requires multiple procedures. Because the laser uses ultra-pulse technology, it will emit high heat to solve the problem of beauty and skin rejuvenation. The interval is to give the skin a buffer period to withstand the heat, allowing the scar to slowly heal and continue to promote the growth of new skin tissue. So it is recommended to do a course of treatment first, and then do laser repair every 4 weeks.

  According to a large number of medical clinical observations, after 2-3 times of co2 fractional laser, the scars can be obviously removed, and the pores, fine lines, acne, acne pits, spots, etc. on the skin will be improved. For beauty seekers with less sunken scars, the effect will be more obvious if treated for 3 to 5 months. Coupled with proper post-operative care, scar recovery time will be faster and more natural.

  Of course, not all sunken scars need to be done many times to be effective. It is mainly related to the severity of the sunken scar and the physical recovery of the beauty seeker. Whether it is burn scars, surgical scars or caesarean section scars, it can be treated with ultra-pulsed CO2 laser, but if you want to shorten the number of treatments, it needs to be repaired early.

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