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Can you take a bath after laser axillary hair removal? Will it cause any impact

Summer is coming. Women who love beauty want to put on their favorite suspenders, vests and skirts, but some people are afraid to put on their favorite ones because they have too much armpit hair. At this time, hair removal needs to be done. Can they take a bath after laser armpit hair removal? Will it cause any impact

As soon as you lift your arm, the embarrassing underarm hair will be exposed. You can’t wear suspenders, vests and evening gowns. At this time, you need to depilate. Can you take a bath after laser depilation? Will it have any impact?

Can you take a bath after laser axillary hair removal? Will it cause any impact?

After laser axillary hair removal, it is recommended to touch water for bathing 24 hours after treatment. But if it’s hot and you really want to wash it, wash it in four hours.

What should we pay attention to after laser axillary hair removal

  1. Do not use scrub, alcohol or antiperspirant; Do not drink alcohol; Do not bake sauna or steam bath.
  2. When bathing, avoid showering hot water on the treatment part and use warm water; Avoid infection and do not swim in the swimming pool or beach; Do not use cosmetics and skin care products containing fruit acid and a acid, but use mild skin care formula.
  3. Avoid sun exposure and other ultraviolet radiation, and choose sunscreen after treatment; Do not wear tight clothes or silk stockings to keep the treatment area dry and breathable.

Advantages of laser axillary hair removal

Laser hair removal is a hair removal technology, because it uses the thermal effect of light wave to destroy the hair follicle under the armpit, so that it can not regenerate new hair, so it can achieve the effect of laser hair removal. However, laser axillary hair removal requires detailed treatment of the growth cycle of hair follicles, so different beauty lovers will have different treatment schemes, but later they will achieve the effect of rapid axillary hair removal.