Can semiconductor laser hair removal be realized at one time?

Any permanent hair removal method cannot be achieved at one time and requires several treatments.

Because the hair of each part is in different growth stages, and the proportion of hair in the growth period of different parts is different. Generally, about 20-70% of the hair is in the growth period, and then enters the transition period and rest period. Because the laser takes the melanin in the hair as the target tissue, it only works on the hair in the growth period, In other words, it only works on the part of hair currently visible on the body surface, but not on the hair in the rest period. After each treatment, it takes 1-1.5 months, and the second depilation will be carried out after the hair grows in the rest period. Therefore, one treatment can not completely solve the problem. Generally, hair can be reduced by more than 90% after 4-5 depilation. Therefore, it generally needs several times of treatment.

Semiconductor laser hair removal will not affect the skin’s perspiration, sebum secretion, sensation and other functions. Because semiconductor laser depilation adopts a specific wavelength laser (800nm), which has a targeted effect on melanin. It will not be absorbed by other accessory organs of the skin, such as sweat glands, sebaceous glands and embedded tissues, such as neurolymph. Therefore, it will not affect the functions of perspiration, sebaceous gland secretion and nerve sensation. It is the safest and effective depilation technology today.